The last last word you would associate with migraines is “silent”. Migraines are all but silent, they are unbearable and make you feel like you want to scream! An occurrence that has been puzzling many great minds is that of the Silent Migraine. The thing is that migraines are normally associated with headache while in the case of a silent migraine headaches are not the main symptom and may actually not even be one of the symptoms experienced during an attack. If you suspect that you may be suffering from silent migraines, speak up and insist on migraine treatment.

Phases of silent migraine

Not all types of migraines have the same set of symptoms. Instead, they could have only some symptoms of the phases that are described by literature. These phases are summed up in the following:

During this phase, symptoms that lead up to the migraine attack start to emerge and are mostly tell-tale of a coming episode. Symptoms of the pre-monitory phase include nausea, neck stiffness, irritability, difficulty concentrating and mood changes.

Aura is completely reversible and involves sensory symptoms including temporary dysfunction of speech and vision and other sensory symptoms like paresthesia.

During this phase, a debilitating headache is the most prevalent symptom and this is normally the phase during which people first suspect that they are suffering from migraines. The migraine headache is also the part of an attack that is most easily recognised.

During this phase many people who suffer from migraines need to recover and therefore they become severely fatigued.

These phases could differ from person to person and some phases may even occur simultaneously, but it should be known that each phase can have considerable impact on life quality.

Physical and symptoms of silent migraine

The victims of silent migraine may suffer many symptoms which include, but are not limited to:

Triggers of silent migraine

Migraines can be initiated or made worse by some triggers that can be identified with special attention. Some commonly reported triggers include:

Break the silence

Luckily, there is such a thing as migraine treatment and with careful monitoring and some lifestyle changes you have a shot at improving your quality of life.


Some supplements may prove to be very beneficial in the treatment or perhaps even prevention of silent migraine attacks. These supplements include magnesium, Co-enzyme Q10 an alpha lipoic acid.

Behavioural therapy

Seeing as migraines are affected by our environment, biology, cognition and emotions, behavioural therapy is a must. After you have done the treatment and you have learnt the techniques, you will be able to handle and recognize the effects of stress more effectively. Such therapies include the following:

Physical treatments

Physical treatments are necessary as many people who need migraine treatment often have postural and mechanical abnormalities and complain of muscle tenderness. Some physical treatments that can be considered in migraine treatment include:

Migraine treatment is available in the world today and it is of the essence to seek treatment for any symptoms relating to a migraine attack. Break the silence and don’t be afraid of letting your health care provider know of your symptoms and concerns.