Avant Laser (NeuroSolution)

PLEASE NOTE: Our prices are similar, if not cheaper, than purchasing direct from NeuroSolution in the USA, with the added advantage of immediate delivery of laser within a few days, local support and avoiding all potential hassles and unexpected fees with customs.

As a comparison, if you purchase direct through NeuroSolution

– US$7550 for laser and neurosolution presets
– US$110 for probe
– US$120 for stand bracket
– US$600 for shipping and insurance
– US$100 for customs brokerage fee charged by shipping company

Total = US$8480 = approx AU$12500 (at transactional exchange rate of 0.68) 

PLUS you will be charged GST (as its over $1000), which is chargeable on the total import costs – so GST will be approx $1250

Total cost if imported from the US will be approx $12,500 ($13,770 incl GST)


Avant Laser (NeuroSolution)

You’re ordering the Avant Laser with the NeuroSolution clinical package. This includes
– Avant LZ30-Z laser (class 3b), hard case, stand charger with power adapter, 2 x protective glasses, USB connector, 10 replacement plastic hood covers
– long acu probe (valued at $160)
– laser bracket for stand (stand not included) (valued at $170)
– 3 years manufacturer warranty 
– the laser does not need annual calibration or unnecessary returns back to head office
– price includes GST, all import and custom duties, local pickup (from Sydney)
– insured shipping to any destination in Australia is an extra $250
– BONUS – free 2 day 2021 NeuroSolution training course, valued at $500
As well as the NeuroSolution package
– 300 proprietary presets
– specialised instructional videos
– private Facebook group
– enhanced user manual
– foundational protocols
The added benefit in purchasing the lasers through Brain Hub is 
– local clinical and technical support
– immediate delivery (rather than wait 8 weeks from the US)
– no hidden costs including international customs, duties etc

(Price includes GST)


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Avant Laser is not a TGA approved device, and is not intended to diagnose or cure any condition.
If unsure, please check with your health practitioner