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I’m And free little things aims to bring you digestible topics and applicable tools and strategies to help you grow and live well so let’s dive in in fact all of our amazing listeners for another episode on the 3 little things Podcast my name is Sarah and enjoy it as always by my incredible CO owes Lily I may say we have another extra special guess which we can get which we can get yeah I think thank you to all that continual business for jumping on board and listening to seasons for 8 which is really exciting and likely and I said no intro episode to this season we’re really excited to bring you guys a really full season of similar amazing content and today’s episode is no different and one I am personally really excited to get into so religious theget into so really 1 do of you want to pay any status off a little bit about what this expert’s gonna include and maybe introduce our guests today yes so we began this Podcast late last year and it’s most of the snow now and we’ve But we’re going to be speaking to about 5 or 10 people but as Sarah has been tracking several 1000 have downloaded up hot cars so hard audiences brought audience is broadening in so we can’t tell anymore private jokes because that to me listens out there and to me you wouldn’t know us too well then yeah how we are going to keep on that theme of the triad of hell which is structural or by mechanical which is also near the system and it was good to talk about the biochemistry sometimes and mentally emotional health and so on so today we’ve got this amazing guess I’ve known kind of a quite a while but I would like him to actually introduce himself introduce myself I’m always a pleasure to be given an opportunity to have a chat about topics that I did in my heart I’m living in bed myself I guess I’m wait 3 hacks at times sometimes I’ll at once I’m at a clinician and 1st in full my stuff I’ve been at a car practice at car practor in Sydney for 22 years and absolutely love what I do and I’ll enough focus you know practices very much neuro rehabilitation so we see people with concussions which is the topic of today people with business and chronic incorrect and complex neurological based conditions including migraines and other related conditions the 2nd half is research of recently completed a ph D recently completed a phD at 8 months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it in spite of taking 5 years good lady I’m a manager kind of all I love teaching I’ve been teaching this field of neurobrehab or clinical neuroscience for I’ve 18 years I can destroy your anniversaries and I thoroughly enjoy traveling with the family and get experience different cultures and meaning many practitioners Across the wayside I guess II sort of share my time between those 3 fields and it’s it’s fun it’s interesting it’s demanding but I wouldn’t have anything other way so callow you 9 minute I think about 15 years ago that I’ve talked to nisco 2014 wake me up in an hour and a 1/2 an hour and a 1/2 an mean hour I and don’t a have 1/2 I a thinking to myself oh my God hes gonna be brain that’s just I’m track this thisjust abstract this remind but way you went with it was nowhere I went with it so I went into my click and used it on my patients so I could see all the work we’re doing in click on doing your assign switching incredible science we’re with him so well and with a patient body and a and a little lot buddy of my wiz began to be mural was in my practice so we as well was like sarabello a stipler training vegan tone feedback feed forward I’ll regulate diarrhea late so we’re not pregnant This was a point of everyday now so I love that you are she went way beyond and became a phD in this topic because now you can actually brain to us all that amazing research and how we’re going to use it in our daily life in a population so you’re a with translation of the research into both sides chunks that practitioners and patients can use a something that is passionate to me I love a lot of a lot of research but there’s a distinct between researchers and everyday people and I guess one page to you was in the faculty of engineering at UNSW and that the popular political engineer and dear and I proud they’ll get a soldier as I saw it here I was the 1st non engineer to graduate with the P today in the most prestigious University in Australia English Near which I should be wearing the family graduated 2 weeks ago so that was pretty exciting bit’s all right but in the lab we have a team of biomedical engineers researchers who are at the top of their game and then more page da he was pulling back was a clinical trial so we had patients who have had chronic business for 20 years after for many years I’m for many years I’m 20 years who really needed a empathy connect at a pathetic event that touched a human touch with a condition I mean we have huge news we’re very limia very implvery black-and-white and all is that interface between interveyes between and are being compassionate with the patience and empathetic and having had many using experience and patience to share in that and I’m just standing and talking to him about that matter at the same time Knowing the money you shouldn’t be detailed that goes with an engineer in Geneva I know it’s actually it’s pretty one of my proudest pots on open page to was on all my page to you was that that was that interface and then a billiard in the communication tank what the patient was saying talk with the engineers and say well this is what’s happening let’s tweak it and then learn email language about infrequency which about you know frequencies and so on to soil it wasn’t only seems that necessarily I guess comfortable for mayor oil or things that I’ve drawn up with by talking physics and talking quantums and talking all these sorts of things and it’s that’s what you need to play between them but as I said it was 1 of the things that was 1 of the things I was 1 of my highlights of the of the phD was bridging that gap between the data and the communication and go back to your point and release that and it’s a translation of knowledge is something that I’ve Invested heavily in and something that I’m instead of my heart and when I teach people artitionists about this sort of work having you and I go through the dips of some of programs the that we’ve done but to be able to have the breath to be able to relate that to the person in front of us is something that are involving but I don’t think I’m doing pretty well at the moment it’s just that you know from your heart you hate it and let me know and I can fold it so on and it’s my love it that it was an engineering department because how naughty is that but you bring a human pop to a color so when we discuss do this before we thought about how we’re going to make it useful to our arginal public and we actually discussed the population of people who I she quite influential in children’s lives no who are there sporting cultures would you say differently and teaches and The people are at that interface between the kids plain sports for instance and in between regular regular bodies or what are the school bodies or whether they’re painted clubs or whether the parents themselves and is it unique experience that they have at any size that of I say when things aren’t working well from a physical perspective or a reaction time perspective or a original or a artificial spatial society understanding of where to apply it on the field and in a wise journey changing positions when you shouldn’t be wise and following a play these balances not right hes not running around the democracies as well as we would expect so coaches I think you’re already in a unique position to be able to share their thoughts but sometimes they’re constrained by some of the powers that leads to how they Advocate proper concussion care my guess is all kinds of mindfields here because we have so many children that you and I see who have you learning difficulties and then straight away up put on 2 various medications no one really if they could come and see people in your practice to have to say I’m with eye this movement’s checked all the balance no portrait of faith central central city Detroit cetera so I guess it might be a good time maybe 2 future explain many what we should be looking at as a general population in they don’t children population in in children maybe or in other adults children that relate to your development to all concussion you pick where shall we go with this today well I think you know when office I’ll sparked fix spoke a vacuum about concussion song let me do a nice is you and the audience will like be back on the moon and I’ll be coming back for Podcast and it’s real folk hahahaha Asians obviously that the avoidance of concussions is not something that much people can prepare for what’s right and we we don’t have to pay people paying too cautious although that’s the trains where they don’t want a parent to hitting our days with with the kids but I think getting rough and tumble with kids and men I’m playing and rumbling and playing sports I think it should be part of what we do They sent resistance in their interpretation of what’s occurring is not often it’s not often the best so if you’re the most beautiful thing I can’t what feel happens on the sport field from a distance bit there might be some food each of them might be some someone giving a first hand account of this is what happened so I think having understanding of the events and immediately what followed in terms of some of the behaviors some of the symptoms some of the physical markets or fix the functional markets what I mean by that is a thing like it’s like balance gates working capacity kin capacity things like the ability to keep still or a you’ll official or I’ll feature you know if there’s any disturbances in vision if there’s any complaints of any symptoms like this in this why headed muscwell I headed muscle splittle aches headaches migraines if it’s in the discharge and there’s something Things that I would say I would put in the bracket of semester and something that really needs urgent attention to go is that we need to make an observation or make a call is to wear a next step song so I think I’m obviously probably to do out listening to do well listen service to the source I think the best one of the things we should do is identify when things aren’t right actually it’s required so obviously someone loses consciousness if they’d blocked it up for a period of time with the heaviest sea jump the unbearable things that please don’t wait cool and wish you to service this to get some attention to that that being said unfortunately doesn’t happen too often So be sure to grade that often can go through the conflict through the some of those things that I mentioned being observing all sleep patterns fatigue levels appetite willingness to participate in other activities attention focus and there were things that should alert the parent guardian teacher call teacher coach something’s not right something needs and there is a period of observation there is a. Where for the 1st 24 48 72 hours a greater observation is placed upon kids in that respect I’m there are some tests that you can do baseline that are done on the field by a telephone coach or a or in China the fact that this is a very standardized test and there are things that aren’t going to do at home again there’s observations and there’s a critical. That’s what happens from that that being said I would always do an advocate having someone more qualified to make a better price of what’s happening and then to judge whether interventional care or further restaurant wise it’s required I’m so not I’ll just Dent you a Christian a dentist question I really been observed maybe looking at some key Marcus that can tell us OK that’s not normal does that change other than experience and if it persists or deteriorates that’s when we intervene and seek the assistance of someone Call phone to do so so previous to discussion and we had ordered some work on concussion and rib lash and how similar they learned due to the brain’s events and so our audience actually is quite familiar with words like automatic nervous system because it’s so educated and now if their magazine was as it’s what homosexual molecules know some various wizard OK so I quite came to for you to tell us what are some of the key markets that a parent might observe in their child does that would be quite good to know so imagine the brainstorm and with we’ve flashed any particular with concussion and I’m just on that point this afterndon’t that point there’s often difficulty even to the train person to distinguish between clean by the vampire we assume that both events have occurred where they’ve had a weak flashing dream conjunction with a concussion of some sort or a bolt traumatic brain injuries act as is classically referred to so the area that seems to be affected most or at most released impact leasthe of most is the Bryan’s game tippy because we’ve got these philly large masses to the top of that neck we’ve got a spawn code that’s hidden in a swarm column I would have this large mass that almost always rotates with this injury seldom leaves an appeal from tobacco side to side is almost always a degree of rotation and that rotation is transcribed really an impact it through that brainstorm so my brainstorm is the area that helps a lot of our century integration wintegration areas areas we’ve got to have this stipular import so those are related to in the ear function and balance we’ve got a cerebellum whichigan relates to balance cognition vocal aspects find motor control we’ve got our pain regulation centers so people often feel more sensitive to touch in definite areas of the body from their legs to their eyes Those even though they might not have injured those areas really areas that relate to the face the trigeminal area trudging renewed Lia switched text information from our face so we tend to give facial pain or headaches or migraines that are associated we get total related issues again and relates to the Troy criminal area we get sensitivities to ligit sensitivities to light which happens a little bit further up in the brain Stanley it seems smy too brain late stands we get to sensitivities to sound but you can’t happen to know more about portion so we get these areas as well as as you mention people are not exempt as the arousal sentence so I sleep out all day night extra asleep and our rouser seemed to sit in the brain stamp particularly in the low path of the brain’s name so we got this big Well we’ll get a small area but houses a lot of different areas that relate there were lights to the ability to sensory a process and a deal with the things that we subject to on a data database so when that’s being disturbed Linda’s shirt will there would be have been physically or by chemically which can both happen in concussion these areas are oppis the area’s hopper sensitized and so it takes less of a stimulus to trigger a lot of these symptoms some people will have the facial paying to draw issues to sleep deprivation that ordered namic disregulation that this is the poor balance that lies in sensitivity the arousal of the brain fog I guess with it as well so that brain stem really is it is where we’re a word I see yeah it’s tough only the brain’s temperature if there’s a direct injury or a couple record cool and account code that occurs In different high functioning areas then we can get things like mood behavior have some visual stuff just like I’m going to get a blackness in the envision waiting for yeah we your can get body 40 wearing awareness a position issues bring it all the things that arise from that that’s from that but in my experience are the willingly I’m the Bryant willingly the statement brain’s name is way most dominant issues arise because of the areas that fit the high areas so unless we get those meat Brian areas and the bright steam working well we often find credit challenges for some of the cult native aspect that the brain fog the attention the focus it worked nicely emotional regulation area but I’m acting like teen to be more on the 2nd or nights rather than appropriately that’s OK so a little bit actually sounds quite intuitive If for the parent of the young child because your child is Olympic loud isn’t happy completely happy balanced little man and then he gets hit on gir a whip lash and over the next 72 hours or so he or she begins to change so it’s great to note that and you give us low areas to start noting that you know both of the watermelo nervous system as well as some that prefer decades salon the gate’s salon now you did mention something brilliant wrong which I feel is really interesting and before the recording that is shouldn’t have a baseline shape then answer a great question or tiger Orange for this 12 talk is aimed at the coaches Then I would strongly encourage that there are steps for place to get a baseline measurement of kids before they start the season or at any point are they all this time will there be now you know we’re probably 1 or 2 months into a season still not too late to get a baseline so a baseline or definition gives us a starting point Jesus a lot in the same society well this is way Phil Johnny older Sarah sorry Sarah so I’m also going to get you into a situation right now it upsets in terms of nursing key domains they look it reminds me to buy Luca and balance company schools and to block memory focus and attention there’s some point movement business there’s some fine movement is this simple synthetic that we can use as a baseline to be able to avoid whilbut I’m a value white wolf this is where we starting from because really unless we have that we don’t have a reference to say well with the territory I don’t know why and a lot yeah well in fact we’re not doing too bad we’re about where we should But also it forms a part it forms a point at which is that we’re working towards that level so we always want to go at least to a pray to a praise season or a based on level it’s on level one minute we will improve that as well but at least we’ve got a point where where this is really started this is when we were posting Jordan and now we’ve got our monthly checks weekly checks and we can bring a plot back change over a period of time and so we’ve got a target it’s all a bit stupid it’s you know outcome measures is something that all practitions should be using whether being coaches or parents or practitioners of any sort we want to be working towards something but unless we we have a target we won’t in a what that is so 3 season assessments is something that we’ve done with we’ve changed and with schools we’re go in there we can do a series of very State it always buys for a test that we can evaluate where we are decided and in many instances when we do this we actually also identify to know that Johnny is not great in this but may not be as obvious because we have compensation inside of so many other areas and because that brain doesn’t working well and compensates but we’ve brought to the parents or the teacher’s or whoever is attention to say actually there’s an eye tracking issue that may be a problem here it’s got this Lexi Aries about the issue hes got that and so I bought I can’t do this but opportunity make it for us to to help you with that and there’s many examples of that as well so I’ve found that to be a great way to Break the ice you know get people to be aware and I can’t have to pick up that priceline we can always guarantee that as well so based on our assessments of things that all we can carry is infected I would encourage in fact I’m very surprised whenever I speak to parents or coaches or even kids that are interested in have you done a baseline assessment’s part of your school or your team Saturday morning sports but it’s always putting Band-Aids on something when it’s dead so you know it’s part of this Podcast this Podcast is infiltrating and you’re spreading that out to people so they can be aware of it I mean concussion now is a big topic in the media so I’m not sure what further the enticement people need to be able to do that well I supposed to cause you’ve got to be my children’s ages we’ve seen a little development in healthcare My better day when you had football players with concussion Ellen Tasha and then sent back said 2 or 3 days later and then later on in life develop CTA and all those kind things are now finally fleet being researched but they are the extreme cases so you don’t describe other things which are so subtle and cruel but there but I should do have a couple questions regarding the baseline because I think it’s imperative but do coaches actually know these tests and then how they how they find out because lovie’s people are mum some dad who are doing it off the school I must make a coach as I think of the elite coaches and that have gone through with a formal training and you’d expect 170 heart that I’ve gone through conditioning and in training programs that have concussion management or at least an assessment or acknowledgment is potted in programs up on I’m not done with sort of a high I can’t say but I want to think that’s the case but for the mom and dad so we’re doing th you know the kids you know Thursday night while training in the Saturday morning spi think it’s I think it’s responsible think it’s for responsible for the club to take this on board if I have volunteers boutiques assist in the club and help in the kids and I’m sure parents love to do that but at the same time I think that should be supported I think there should be an opportunity where they can do some training on what to look for you know if if something happens on the field what is the most the field what are you supposed to say what do you do I mean cause you’re not gonna have a first time keep you not gonna have to the spot on the side of the page or what’s the next step so again I’m off familiar with You’re looking at the grocery slipper I don’t think there’s a lot of things you want to do at least what I’ve seen you’re my kids been aware of the pitch and in speaking to kids in the office and parents I don’t believe there’s th at there and I’m so I think I’m gonna eat it so I can’t responsibility thing I think it’s that’s all the responsibility thing whatever field or organization is involved here will there be school or collapse well clubs I think it’s a responsibility of them to to seek assistance certainly we’ve worked with teams in the past so I’m happy to assist with possible but there might be some other formal avenues which people can can do that as well it’s a come home to rooms OK because when my kids are tiny and I had a nightmare during the day I’m I’ll say Hey I’ll say Hey I’ll say Hey I’ll say Hey I’ll see the smarter how Alexa’s much you gonna do this no thanks then wife we’ll have ideas later and children one said day when mum you go and do it but no no we have collar who I I’m not sure this thing actually exists so I love the way you’ve just said at club level something that’s a great place to start is there an algorithm or something that’s already been generated for this population of mom and dad coaches I’m not up-to-date with the exams I’m gonna get I’ll my give wishes at the risk I can’t say for certain given the media attention and given them the illegal ramifications of patients of ill advising a child to return back to field when they shouldn’t I think it’s pertinent to the club that I take every step to go wait doing what’s required Yeah maybe that’s a big label I’m making it and I don’t know whether that’s case but there is there is there is a the something illegal and we know we I aint calling me or enjoying problem to those who have concussions that are around under workplace injury in substance they got a frequent return but it’s that relatesd sports it’s an insurance that they pay as part of their company machit is part of the club membership that covers the any injuries that are sustainable including concussions yeah another Avenue just thinking of this might be will the clubs might not get insurance unless they’ve done a certified identification and proper management of concussions because insurance company may say well you know what way you’re not gonna enjoy your because you’re a liability unless you know and your volunteers and people to work with you are a liability for us because we know that unless someone’s managed properly that they care is gonna be extended it’s gonna cost us money I’m not I’m not saying that’s what but I’m sure that might be another opportunity to get the club side with this exactly why this Podcast was begun wasn’t necessarily because That’s actually more about how to think not what to think right so that is a protocol that would be great to establish now so this is where change can take place and also your other point about sidelined examination examination after the incident now I’m not sure many mom and dad’s have actually been shown how to do which is the sideline concussion assessment text it is aimed at someone Wat someone with some degree of training not necessarily I hope you’re a practitioner but someone that has some training and it might not be necessarily that the mom and dad without the training component to it but to me if someone embarking on being a coach of an avocado or or other other kids to him that understanding Skype And how it’s systematic in the initial porridge that the training of it is very simple there are many YouTube videos that I’m concluded you can even do it on a lot better apps you can download and you enter the results in the ipad based on the kids I aint Jim and so on and this is what participation happened and it goes through step-by-step never form this yet perform this and as a a full list array and they as they have are already we’re scoring of each others and you get a score at the end and I’ll give you the scat Scott scott’s school I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be necessary for a moment that’s not involved as a inside Lin a cycle point absolutely I can’t it’s not hard to do but I think anyone that’s on this on the pitch as a coach or as a trainer to me that would be in my opinion necessary won’t hold parents with 4 or 5 boys at home wrestling That’s why I actually became a pediatric Karl many years ago this one I had mine for a child I’ve just realized how many times I get body slammed without me actually knowing this handling and how many kids do you see in the practice though Sarah who’s coming home I stopped bitching from following up in bathtub slutty I’ll talk next to me yeah and I think kind of on that same point I see a lot of kids in the practice who might might forget for like a better way to tell their parents but I had a headlock I think particularly of a recent number of views where they haven’t we haven’t been out aloud to have as many parents over as a spectator sorry on the field or app on the sideline I think there has been a bit of a drop in yet picking up some of these headknocks and these kids maybe because I just want to keep playing or that it didn’t get some serious on telling that support They weren’t there they’re on coach Tuesday apparently the practitioners that I’ve had a ignorant and so I know my 1st question when I get some of my young kids and to use them with my voice on the table and practice is any headdogs any you know anything tumble in the mixed steps all of these things and then I’ll proceed doing a proper evaluation and assessment on that because they just don’t tell people you know and it’ subject sometimes the symptoms are so mild appearance yet might not have picked up on things so I think that’s not a big thing it’s a good point and I guess further to that 1 of the things I can want to highlight it to our audience is that the idea about the multiple remix and the effects I have because yes you can have the one big injury you know where the opposite it was a large hit and there’s a period of post concussion symptoms ancushion symptoms I think it’s my bite with care and all the time even though the symptoms may reduce not being as visible but if it’s even within a critical period of time if there a second 3rd 4th in Act amazing packs can be relatively minor but what happens is they stack and I’ll be back on the 1st and sorry that my sight of all I did was little sister I hit on the door or I might behind me can a little pushed from behind or jumped on my back and you know I see feeling the same as I did the 1st time that’s often the case yeah it takes a small incident and bring back almost if not sometimes more the symptoms are presented in the 1st year and unfortunately that stacks and weakened advertisers I’m Ricky I’d like to take a smaller and smaller subsequent incident with incident to to get a recurrence in our symptoms inside and this is why in a return to play returning to school return to learning return to work different nareturn to work if an action comes with but that has to be part of the practitions of the particle and I’ve got a site One of the things that is 1 of the most poorly understood and implemented when it comes to can you count months for a detained right you can do that you can go and straighten while you’re back on the field or you can get back to school and almost always it’s a beautiful day I won’t go and I’ll I won’t see you after Christmas go in a Eve while to sit off the rest of the season as I’ll just wait I mean was o’hare’s school backup upstairs was enough to trick my symptoms and that’s such an important thing we cushi don’t see in think we should concussion I said not under the initial but we see the ongoing issues that are playing at the center of kids and and I had a wonder unfortunately get strong Uh symptoms have been the original times but when it’s gone back doing sports or activities or encourage to do something at all Flint applications not just platinum but it’s just been a dive since then so that’s something that I think it’s an important point worth nodding to the audience uses this is aspect of When things don’t heal properly even though the symptoms may look OK it’s only when it’s provocated that it becomes more obvious and that provocation could be another little hip or it could be an emotional trigger complain you mean anything’s an emotional it can be physical it can be chemical it can be many things that I can trigger that response and doesn’t have to be another physical hit so that’s a homostatic try it with a weepy slaughter times and also it’s the wound that inhale in a song go in inflammation which all thieves with some of them coming now I do know that kalo has a lot of toys in his amazing practice which none of us can be bothered by but and I have set a little high and not welcomed to your colors so that’s fantastic and I know your program is to rehab these people into better brain health and hope they’re completely love and illnesses hope they can play killing this is magnificent but even if they can’t get to see you color you know there are many practices who’ve done your call And it would be good if kids just went maybe every school holidays or something you just would check up right precision checks you can do mid season checks I’m there are some hole marks that you want to look for and won’t classically and they start playing the ice line checks have always been in your accompanied test and there’s no accompanied tester I’m very standardized but the issue is that particularly athletes to get a bit older they speculatively cleared up to say well if will find tank on my precision far sliding from a low baseline oh my God damn it all but if I take a shit and I got back down a baseline which is lower where I shouldn’t be but where it’s been assessed and I’m a little ignorant so there is unfortunately some boys in some areas that do occur with the cognitive aspects of testing but this is why we strongly suggest doing more physiological markers as well sorry I’m Boots a reaction time at orthopedic testing outbalance every stability I’ve a stupid artist there are all much more difficult tests to it’s too loud to fluff out into tank so you’re really working with someone that has these tools hope there it doesn’t have to be the highest offer we have but there are similar based on things and someone who can send you interpret what this means is something that is uh upgrade value by the things of appearance is good for the job I think so too and you think if they were not smart to take the test they’d be smart enough to know what the damage I think that’s a big leap forward and if you have to look at it out I’ll wait athletes that when this scholarship’s win is I think I think I’ll win there’s Korea when there’s many things that are riding on their performance I’ve given it’s open you know if this is where the dollar between the practitioner and the patient and the And you know we have without Keats cool because that’s nobody said they’re not right and they need that it’s some workout what’s the song is parents saying we’re at a we’re not Bixby well what are we to do so all of what you’re just talking about that college was all about you know proper valuation you know testing that you’re a company but also it’s the guard ones now if you look at the consumer’s statements on concussion management but now I’m using a wife from pure the company test to while letting rolls an ocular model which is I’m moving 50 meters which is billion automated is stupid on which is in a balance or a mommy test yeah I think it’s a reaction times city between synchrony left and right and the other ones that are more formalized yeah in our office we look at things on previous If wakes you say no structural aspects the drawer and other emotional components that can come with as well because it can be a Patsy essay a patient’s because name asked me if there’s a basic disband in injury or an accident the fear of doing something but if you’re not doing something can be quite real so working with you know health coaches or council is a psychologist too it’s something that we’ve reacted to Kate as well as working with the nutritional aspect from Kitty Ginny to certain oils and endure widely as increase this thankful part of that vocabulary with patience and win something more specific is required we prefer on but off the week to avoid in house I’ll be different yeah so we’re kind of getting to that management side of things now I’m sorry what are some of the I don’ts guess do’s with and concussions What are my 1st discussions with almost every patient particularly those that are the very alphabominate personality tart the ones that I’ve got a guy guard I’ve and worked very active hard you know they’re always withat kind tourism of always doors on the car it’s unique to respect this if you don’t you’ll be slept time turn off as the time after time and it’s a hard discussion to have and we decided that this is something you need to respect you need to you need to be patient with it’s something that needs to be progressive so that needs to be graded so let me speak Thailand it’s not an a me more I do the better I do this is not a condition about work and for many people that’s very hot They’ve done that multiple times and they’ve come to me after the 3rd 4th or 5th repetition I realized you’re how the battery didn’t work so hold your guarding people on that is one of the more difficult things to do and this is where our automotive nervous system testing a hot rent variability out treadmill tests they are stressing in germs tests to come to know it and when we have to catch the use some things like heart rate monitors something that they can use can use as a litmus test to say talk to him I’m not feeling tight but my heart wreck says I’m drunk 20 and called is the best month threshold and I’ll need to go back The patients that can do that and it hit it at as close as possible disposable other ones that are not I can help better and quickly and that’s not the way forward so that would be pretty good on my biggest thing this is just respecting it no that it can take time it’s normally it’s lonely yes to terrific rehabilitate the month’s scout I’ve seen it as little as few weeks in some sides but typically within months so they need to have Everyone on board they need to have their teacher you know I’m writing letters to teachers all the time about you know it’s a possible development of the journey could take the leaf instead of the stairs because the ability to walk upstairs with a backpack is too much all the static lead it might tdelete be too it much maybe for 2 months ago you know can we sit them in this sort of the classroom because this list disturbances vision there’s a lot of disappointment that can be sugges that he wears relaxed photo lenses because of the fluorescents in the room I’m talking to you we’re gonna get it to wear some headphones or some beatbox because of the same levels this very thing so if we don’t have buying from Paris Coaches teachers Frank with parents and if I don’t get that up there and come on I guess I’m not going to work so so fortunately by time people can’t do us that thing by spices for you refortunately for Matt’s autumn season so I spent a week to 2 others and they’re doing tensive stuff on that stage whatever we suggest we’re not the 1st boy I prefer it from million by that spike people going USA college because this is not working as well as we would expect for this complexity that’s probably beyond what we can do So it’s for one of the most important things so many drugs up there to take though you know stematoe no we’ll sanction flammatories I mean that must be a bit of a uphill battle because people think that they’re up but they just had a truck sale no it’s the same time that another’s automatic place for medication I when shouldn’t win but too often becomes a crutch it’s later with with reduced what symptoms but we have fixed an end of the line problem so I’ve listed an issue for using it as a way to as a circuit breaker it’s a circuit breaker but you know we’re with a big inflammation and we’re the beans already so I know both of those can drive I’m wondering responses with Kate so sometimes we can emerge like that and typically there are even natural things that we’ve been suggested to be to be using place but is that we’re to use that the nurses are aware that excuses hope that you’re in a window that whiskets are worthy let’s get some therapy done And then you rely on to nephew come to Larson and most people in fact did everyone at the last message is it your goal to get off this medication and fortunately people say yes so I know if I’m working with someone that is police willing to and why job is to help that I’m comi’m current and have that in that sort of you know we’ve told before that it’s a 72 hour. Some dues and don’t repair it’s made that they should or shouldn’t do the whole class they’d have had not come home yeah maybe takes him your abandoned hand at old have a sleep that’s what a thing what a simple you know do you know doesn’t matter you know you’re a bit of this couple of things one suddenly dog tree is a metabolically there’s a blood sugar level I’m soon after a concussion sorry We want to modify a cup of hydrating tape this snowstorm now is doing things about fasting and it is too unstable at that point so I certainly nutrition is big and quality cops are OK but hard quality facts and proteins are definitely on the on the phone and certainly you should be respected you know God high I’ll continue to be a leader of the code Buffalo right yeah so yeah so in flaming troop based foods I think that I would suggest 2 minimizing opposite of obviously someone who has an intolerance to gluten in the area so keep people close but but what lawn mower car park protein high fats how many fats are essential Hydrate as much as we can oversee no alcohol do baby no alcohol or any of those sort of sugary faced based on food the only thing I’ve been suggesting is simply raced and you might have a point named Moore Moore I was arrested and obviously it’s apparently what I observed that but I’m both deprived someone else obviously significantly it’s 72 hours I want you don’t wanna do is exercise or do elseit’s anything sauce no matter how good they feel when you’re otherwise you’re not I’m just gonna sit around for this for the rest of the week or for the next real fool no heavy sports running elite impact or even even really strained your sexuality is even called anything exercises you said you didn’t and activities call anything to solve this and sometimes it could be a bit of a struggle as well like Credit score for that and be considered for other things absolutely pretty couple of mind things is just something nutritional and play a wrist and no extra exercise that I would say that or all inside or activities that are not a century and um to screen time coming to the hospital I didn’t even involve your blue Box and loud sound I think that’s apparent my suggestion to parents would pay raise this point up with the coaches and their clubs You are responsibility it’s the teams it’s the coaches it’s the parents and even with the kids eighties are responsibility to be technology but it’s to be to acknowledge what’s happened in the tube and to let someone know if something’s not right raise it with the authority I think there should be some proactive stands taken too what would happen if my son had a concussion what would anything else satisfied by that thing but I’m sure there are levels levels if it’s within schools I’m sure there’s a list of businesses a level that you can take it to this if there’s a club you can take it to the district and encyclopedia I’m not sure that our club is following proper standards I’ve been sort of nice thing and it’s not even a little thing I will keep talking hit so I all need some sort of advi’m some solid vice and intention so I mean that the product of the materials are not but we wanted to share each person as an individual because people just go both as any one person but 1 person makes up that pop the population and brings up developbring another something other than the person of their own 1 day you know so it is important that every person gets taken care of but I love particulars and the points you make previously regarding as you things make previously happening redundant things happy at club level nothing that can be 1 place it can stop you are educated from that level and then it filters down very quickly scale can I think you’ve stopped waiting for me in the legal and the insurance flag I think clubs may have becoming a bit more risk of us and I’m in sorry for that purpose but I’m not sure if that’s why I’m paying this picture that there isn’t something in place I hope there is but if there isn’t I would like you know members which of the parents which appears which is a bit the athletes the school members so take an active step and I’m going to think that’s being checked up you know saying let’s see if it’s a little more dangerous to make sure that anything missed is just picked up so I grew to the dentist you know I mean they’re gonna haircut you know it makes remix so get the spines checked with the nervous systems checked exactly right it even a thoroughly simple to mechanical check all day faith that hips it and I’m checking for scalias and checking for you think so schooling and texting and you know all the things that happened with school kids I mean beand we’ve the school keeps coming up with the new practice long enough to know that Now there are some some traits that we see with kids that need a little more work than others so you know I think it makes sense that that are correct or equivalent or someone trying within muscle school therapy and Cleveland therapy concussion and great concussion assessments identifies and good work with families and teams I don’t even know if you could fix this as a to confuse child yourself as well no area no so it’s are unknown also the way that you’re just one profession to swim as swell trained Mike I should feel another Podcast coming on the hill and the future of it in terms of who we say it is very much closed that alears that are with a neurological base of a record lbut a an acquired condition like concussion migraines post stroke I’m yours junior disorders a verti’m business a digital and symbol to go and you have a 1/2 would be your kids got a little bit got learning in the heavy issues from Choose all those sorts of things so unfortunately the practitioners that you partition know the is that you don’t know what I’m gonna claim myself that can identify imagine they see you soon I can help I’m gonna eat homes qualitate and quantitate I’m gonna outcomemission something that we really want to work towards when people come to us in cycle what can we expect and I would like to decide what to say with confidence so within this period of time you would expect to see these scores improve all this function improve function on this improves what this measure improves so it keeps us accountable which I think hes always important as a practitioner it survives took it to the and drives and guides what we do but also use apparent our if you support guidance our guardian or whoever and idea decide what I will guess this is what we hear what we’re trying to do to try and witch it For the episode your 3 main points that you’d like to leave Alice since we I think take a proactive step don’t wait to something happens I’m Lincoln’s I’m sorry so whether that be work with the clock team school whatever might be any joint is it is AA strategy for precision assessment and what happens if something happens what are they doing what’s they return to to to play or return to sport program looks like I think it’s so coming upon the parent it’s the responsibility of what’s being charesponsibility augments aint charged but I think it might make the voice noise noise I think that’s probably one of the 1st things the 2nd 1 is about that is subsequent knocks and the effect that has and a knock doesn’t have to pay you know but it’s interesting when I talk to Paris It’s about concussions and I said oh no he didn’t blank out you didn’t even lose consciousness said will that’s not required for a concussion that’s a concussion that’s obviously a most severe or potentially more severe but the but a lot of consciousness consciousness is not the only thing that we look for if actually quite ready to happen there are many other things that they want to be looking at so I’m going Knox has been something that errands should be aware of I guess I guess the 13th would be somebody assigned to the symptoms that that maybe present with a child will need to be more diligent they in more diligent in acknowledging and is there ever unsure even I’m sure Bixby then speak to someone who does now Go to Kevin at that insight at the same time that I would not disrespect to primary care practices on general practitioners but often often my experience what I’m saying the knowledge in this area is German Corporal and even in the University camp yes you can there’s a place for medicine in place for emergency and it’s generally when something’s quiet and I’ve been dating emergency care that was OK but they know cognitively physically there’s just things that you’ren’t working well often and this is what I hear from parents all the time is that they’re beginning to devise repeatedly voiced Tyson asked for Empire state of all have more rest than you before I’ll rest anyway fine yeah and I’ll be back the 2nd 3rd and 4th time and the same advice was given so I don’t think the general practice is false I do many things I don’t think the scenario that I’m gonna train you and so Relying on your advice to what to do next I’m gonna be cautious about it I’ll roll it inside and I’m not sure but what I need to say somewhere in town that’s to make me cry I’ll send some training and you’re the the professions typically gonna be your physios you car as you oscars some personal trainers so occupational therapists can but if this is not a weekend cause where you do something you’re doing it completely by mine videos in your eye I’m not certified just a time so seeking out people that have the appropriate training and I consider the contact name in the format available or available or within a network there’s space there’s anything working with him and my network that are off I feel comfortable referring to SMG too excellent geographic we’re location very or school so I didn’t think a couple of things speak to people No I get advice from people that know what they’re doing yeah seeking advice from someone that doesn’t and doesn’t live in the understand me you’re setting yourself up in front of you I’m forcing you to look at Keith’s missiunfortunately health you and look at a detailed immune system so I’m not a pair of points so I’m outside of the property I’m 3 or 4 things that I’m saying I’m throwing but I would possibly take away from that episode anything even from just your list of things to look out for that aren’t just those physical signs of you know blocked out like you said or has a headache or things like that but some of those more I guess brain stand and cerebellums of stuff that we talk about I think that’s gonna be amazing for parents just to have that advice you know in itself to be aware and to be a bit enter the opera observed their kids so thank you for that episode it was wonderful and he wouldn’t mind we’d love you to shame without audience where I can find you how I can contact you and where I can get more information about you sorry I’m sorry I didn’t wear my couple different hats so they could bring hub and our website is I’m like I’m looking for some of the only one causes that we have some of our upcoming certification courses that we are going to run in later this year which are super excited about it but it’s a final touch as about it fighting in a particularly in how to identify manage people I want to know how many people and when it will be starting off in Sydney We’re gonna be running it in Dallas I think she will suffer the devil inside of the air Dallas is sort of the note at the miner and they’re running in Europe as well so we’ll be running with him running so we’re with hyper subscriptions from different participants on this company’s a comprehensive race course that we’re gonna be spending later in the same year so it will be running Sidney I’m glad to see you and I don’t think it’s time to so much Hollywood leave you loved having you here and lightly said I think we’ll have you back with some more episodes I’ll talk to you so much a quick disclaimer based episodes are not intended to replace help treatment or advice from your health care professionals the information in today’s broadcast is purely for educational purposes and is not designed to diagnose or treat any conditions this is just a friendly reminder that we do not know you or your child or those around you and if we do not know your specific needs please seek guidance from your health care professionals around the open sense