People suffering from Meniere’s disease know that it is no walk in the park. The attacks that are part and parcel of enduring such a condition are debilitating and they may even impact your quality of life. The good news is that you can go out and seek help, because vertigo treatment is available for you. At Brain Hub, we see many people with Meniere’s Disease.  Book an appointment now to see how we can help you.

What is Meniere’s disease?

Meniere’s disease is known as a disorder in the inner ear. It affects many people every year all over the globe. Meniere’s disease is a chronic illness that is characterized by recurrent episodes of vertigo that can last minutes to hours along with other signs and symptoms like tinnitus, aural pressure and fluctuating hearing loss. The hallmark of such an attack is long-lasting vertigo which is a sudden sensation of movement (spinning or rotation) that comes along without warning. Other possible accompanying symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sweating and diarrhea.

How is Meniere’s disease diagnosed?

Vertigo is a symptom that occurs in quite a few differential diagnoses and it often leads to the point where all vertigo cases are labelled as Meniere’s disease. Meniere’s disease can commonly be diagnosed through proper history taking and some relevant tests.

Some clinical tests can be done to determine what the problem is for example:

With this test a clinician may only detect mild balance disturbances, because the majority of people are tested between attacks or when the symptoms are no longer present.   At Brain Hub we use sophisticated diagnostic technology that measures balances and other indicators of brain function like eye movements to make an assessment of the underlying balance system function.

The good news

In managing the cases of Meniere’s disease, the main idea is to reduce the severity and frequency of the recurrent attacks and to improve the life quality of people who suffer from this disease and their families.

There is no cure for Meniere’s disease, however, people who suffer from it can be helped by dietary changes, treatment and lifestyle changes.   Often in Meniere’s Disease the balance centres in the brain can suffer from the vertigo attacks.  One of the main areas we target for treatment at Brain Hub are these balance centre.

Get going

Vertigo treatment for conditions like Meniere’s disease exists. Take that step and call Brain Hub for help, because you never know maybe this can change your life for the better!



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