The Neurodevelopment Event Of The Year

Join Dr Melillo In Sydney Australia in November 2023

Neurodevelopmental conditions can be mysterious, frustrating, and complicated. Many clinicians and specialists struggle to provide clients the care they need, and parents as well as patients experience the direct consequences of treatment missing the mark.

Due to the great variety in which these conditions present, the appropriate course of action isn’t directly obvious to practitioners since two different patients with the same symptoms may require completely different treatment. This makes the healing journey at times lengthy and expensive, and may even increase symptoms if not diagnosed correctly.

This isn’t the fault of most specialists, or the patients for that matter. It is very directly linked to a gap between the training practitioners receive, and the increase in patient numbers suffering from various relatively novel syndromes.

A Foundations Event For Practitioners, Parents, Caregivers and Patients

In this exclusive event, you will:

  • Learn the keys to understanding the basic neurology that unpins brain development and neurobehavioral conditions
  • Gain an understanding of primitive reflexes, how to assess them at home and in clinic, and find the correct treatment option
  • Be exposed to the role of brain hemisphercity, and how to provide or access therapy for it
  • Experience hands-on practical workshop content to integrate and the new learnings immediate

Dr Rob Melillo – Foundations Sydney Nov 10-11 (Practitioner Very Early Bird Special)


Discounted price valid until 19th March 2023


  • Join Dr. Robert Melillo in Australia for his foundational course and get cutting-edge information on the brain and functional connectivity.
  • Learn from the ground up or add to your previous knowledge with practical, easy-to-understand content.
  • Discover the foundational causes of developmental issues like ADHD, autism, and bipolar in both children and adults.
  • Take your understanding of the brain to the next level with Dr. Robert Melillo’s evolving, in-depth course.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the expert himself and expand your knowledge of brain function.

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