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Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist
BHealthSc(SpPath), MOT

Jessica Meksass

Jessica Meksass is a passionate speech pathologist and occupational therapist, specialising in paediatric therapy. Her career began immediately after completing her HSC, diving into speech therapy and later expanding her expertise into occupational therapy.

Jessica’s journey included significant experiences at Giant Steps and STN Children’s Services, focusing on children with ASD, Down syndrome, and ADHD. Her approach emphasises the importance of a holistic, multidisciplinary strategy, acknowledging the need for addressing foundational issues in learning and development.

With a commitment to continuous learning and a hands-on experience as a parent, Jessica brings a unique perspective to her role at Brain Hub, aiming to uncover and address underlying challenges in child development.

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Get Started With BrainHub

Welcome to BrainHub! I am really pleased that you are considering me and our team as a solution for your health concern.

Right now, you may have a number of questions that you want answered, such as:

  • What is really going on with me, family members or my children?
  • Does this brain based therapy really work?
  • Is this clinic right for me?

To clarify this and more, I suggest an initial consultation to create a personalised and multi-disciplinary treatment plan.

During this Initial Appointment We will be able to:

  • Get get a brief understanding of your challenges and your journey to date
  • Show you confidently if we are the right place for you
  • Get started with clear next steps in clinic, and those you can take at home

Simply select the best time and date for you in the calendar, and I will see you during your initial consultation.

I look forward to the opportunity to have a chat!


Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist
BHealthSc(SpPath), MOT


Up to 3 hour exam to accurately measure aspects of brain function
We take the time to explore your health history and the reasons that led you to visit us. We may perform a range of physical, neurological and mental health assessments, using the latest technology and knowledge, as well as arrange additional tests if needed, to identify the cause of your health concern.
An explanation of your assessment results in plain-english

We take the time to explain what we’ve found, what it means to you, and discuss the best options to help you on your recovery.

Our team-approach therapy program tailored to your goals

We provide tailored programs that can last several days to several weeks. They’re provided by our team of mental health, physical therapy, neuro-rehabilitation and nutritional practitioners, aimed at harnessing neuroplasticity to get you the result fast! We perform regular progress check-ups during your program to ensure we’re on track with your improvements and if any refinements to your care needs to be made.

Re-assess key performance indicators of your recovery

At the end of your program, we perform a re-assessment, comparing your symptoms and objective test results from when you started. This allows us to measure your improvements and guides us on our next steps.

Continued support from our team to improve your results

Support given following intensive programs, at-home program (tele-health) and in-clinic maintenance.


Whilst we can not guarantee success in every case, we do maximise our chances of helping you by providing care that is specifically designed for you. We approach every new patient the same – we start with a comprehensive examination, listening to you carefully and understanding your goals, explain in plain english our findings and recommend an individualised treatment plan specifically for you (based on over 20 years of experience).

Our goal is improve your assessment findings, so in turn it can improve your quality of life.

While most patients are kindly referred to our practice from allied and medical practitioners, a referral is not needed to see us. Simply call our clinic and speak to our receptionist, or click our Get Started button to schedule a complimentary 15 minutes phone call to see how we can help you.

We offer a unique blend of clinical experience, research-driven therapies, high-technology assessment and therapy equipment, and a passionate team of practitioners willing to work together, all within a healing setting.

Over the years, approximately 50% of our patients are from areas outside of Sydney, including interstate and international. Our treatment programs are perfectly suited to those traveling long distance to see us.