The answer? Neuroplasticity. 

When we talk about Neuroplasticity, we are referring to our brains ability to adapt and change in response to our environment. 

When the brain is functioning well, it has the ability to create, reorganise and strengthen new neural pathways that allow us to learn new habits and ways of thinking. 

You may have noticed neuroplasticity at work when you have tried to learn a new habit or skill. The first time you try something can be difficult, but as you continue to practice and repeat the task you will find that it becomes easier and easier until it is second-nature. 

In the case of someone who has experienced injury or trauma to their brain, neuroplasticity is especially important. Much like the process of learning a new skill, our brains plasticity allows for damaged neural pathways to be re-wired through repetition and practice. 

Brain Hub is fortunate to be a leader in diagnostic and therapeutic technology that can harness the powers of neuroplasticity. We use multi-modal therapies (therapies such as virtual reality, vision, movement, auditory, light, balance, vestibular and much more) to target the area of the brain that needs re-wiring. 

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