How Can Interactive Metronome Balance the Brain?

What is Interactive Metronome (IM)?

Interactive Metronome (IM) is an evidence-based training and assessment tool, proven to improve cognition, attention, focus, memory, speech/language, executive functioning, comprehension, as well as motor and sensory skills. It has been shown to help people with ADHD, Autism, sensory processing, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, stroke, concussions, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and much more (

Synchronicity, rhythm, timing and left/right body and brain activities are critical for proper brain development. At Brain Hub we use IM in conjunction with other sensorimotor integration therapies, including light/sound therapy, eye movement, vibration, balance, cognitive, as well as photobiomodulation and non-invasive brain stimulation. 

The practitioners at Brain Hub are certified providers of IM in paediatric and adult age groups.