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Nutrient Deficiencies can Play a Part in Asthma and Migraine

Asthma and migraines have a lot in common and they have also been connected by various studies. It is now believed that certain nutrient deficiencies may lead to migraine and asthma attacks. Two such nutrients that may be deficient in people suffering from migraine or asthma are vitamin D and Magnesium and they are both […]

Asthma and Chronic Migraine: The Connection

Did you know that if you have asthma, your risk of developing chronic migraine is considerably increased? Don’t suffer any further. If you have migraine symptoms that are getting worse, get help and get migraine treatment straight away. Migraine and asthma Both asthma and migraine are debilitating medical disorders that are characterised by episodes during […]

What Causes the “Aura” of a Migraine?

Many people today think that Aura symptoms go hand-in-hand with migraines. This is a misconception as there migraines can be with or without aura. Aura symptoms and migraine headaches can be very debilitating and early migraine treatment can help to limit the occurrence of these symptoms.1 What is migraine aura? Migraine is a widely known […]

Suffering in Silence? – The dilemma of the Silent Migraine

The last last word you would associate with migraines is “silent”. Migraines are all but silent, they are unbearable and make you feel like you want to scream! An occurrence that has been puzzling many great minds is that of the Silent Migraine. The thing is that migraines are normally associated with headache while in […]