Pre-season screening for Concussion

Better safe than sorry Sport in the world today has grown to be more popular than anyone could have ever imagined. Many athletes from all over the world participate in sports albeit at high school, collegiate or professional level. The role of coaches, parents, officials, clinicians and researchers is also starting to become more serious […]

Will Smith’s “Concussion” Movie

“If I’d have seen this movie when I was in high school…I would have never played football.” The movie “Concussion” that was released into theaters in December 2015, has changed the way many people look at contact sports like football. Former sport stars like Pierre Woods (statement above) even doubt if they would have played […]

mTBI & Concussions in the armed forces

Brave men and women of the armed forces put their life and health at risk in order to protect our freedom. Sometimes, veterans come back from combat zones with concussions. Some of these traumatic brain injuries involve major physical damage to the head that require immediate surgery, but other, more common concussions are referred to […]