Clearing Brain Fog: Comprehensive Insights To Conquer Conditions Such As Meniere’s Disease

Embarking on a journey through the foggy realms of cognitive health, “Clearing Brain Fog: Comprehensive Insights To Conquer Conditions Such As Meniere’s Disease” unveils a holistic exploration guided by the expertise of Dr. Jessica Povall. In an era where mental clarity can often be impacted negatively by the pressures of modern life, this blog post delves deep into the enigmatic condition known as brain fog – unravelling its symptoms, uncovering its myriad causes, and presenting groundbreaking strategies for management and relief.

Demystifying Dysautonomia

Explore our comprehensive guide to understand dysautonomia and autonomic dysfunction & how it impacts exercise intolerance.

Why A Concussion Is So Difficult To Treat

Discover the challenges and complexities of concussion recovery. Learn about the crucial role of comprehensive assessments and targeted treatment plans in providing effective concussion treatment in Sydney.

Concussion what to avoid 3-part series

Recovering from a concussion? At Brain Hub, we manage a lot of patients who have had concussions.
3 points you need to know to avoid during concussion recovery.


STILL STRUGGLING TO FIND THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOU? Click the button below to see how your life could be improved and the process we take to get there. GET STARTED Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Concussions and other forms of mild traumatic brain injuries, especially those resulting from traditional contact sports have […]

Concussions and the Australian Football League

Concussion injuries are a frequent occurrence on the football (and rugby) field. Concerns are rising about the long term neurological damage that may follow such injuries after post-mortem studies of various American football players’ brains showed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). 1 Head protection needs to be considered as a high priority for the […]

10 Ways to Speed up the Recovery from Concussion

A blow to the head can be more serious than most people think, because after such a blow you could end up with post-concussion syndrome. What is post-concussion syndrome? Post-concussion syndrome, or post-traumatic nervous instability, involves a collection of disabling symptoms like: Headaches Fatigue Trouble concentrating Poor memory Dizziness Anxiety Depression Personality changes Irritability Apathy […]

Concussion and Rugby

Concussion injuries are a common type of injury suffered by Rugby players. Head injuries are the second most prevalent injuries obtained by Rugby players following lower limb injuries. Lately people are becoming more concerned about the number of reported concussion injuries in Rugby. It has been suggested that people who suffered concussions may show physical […]

Look No Hands! The Impact of a Ball to the Head can Cause Severe Brain Damage

The ball comes flying in and the impact is directed exactly to the players head, what a beauty! Think again: That beautiful knock to the head might be more dangerous than you think! Soccer has been viewed as a sport with low risk of injuries like concussions, however recent research has suggested that mild impact […]

The Persistent Effects of Concussion on Brain Function

Concussion affects many people every year and the prevalence of head injuries is especially high when it comes to contact sports like rugby and football. Concussion is now considered as a brain injury caused by blows to the neck, head or face. A concussion most commonly results in the onset of transient impairment of brain […]