Clearing Brain Fog: Comprehensive Insights To Conquer Conditions Such As Meniere’s Disease

Embarking on a journey through the foggy realms of cognitive health, “Clearing Brain Fog: Comprehensive Insights To Conquer Conditions Such As Meniere’s Disease” unveils a holistic exploration guided by the expertise of Dr. Jessica Povall. In an era where mental clarity can often be impacted negatively by the pressures of modern life, this blog post delves deep into the enigmatic condition known as brain fog – unravelling its symptoms, uncovering its myriad causes, and presenting groundbreaking strategies for management and relief.

Checklists Unveil Hidden Neurological Issues

This insightful article emphasises the importance of using checklists for self and family assessment, highlighting how they can uncover retained primitive reflexes and neurological imbalances often missed in standard evaluations

Demystifying Dysautonomia

Explore our comprehensive guide to understand dysautonomia and autonomic dysfunction & how it impacts exercise intolerance.

The Connection Between Gut Health and Brain Function

Recently, it has become more apparent how microbiota could have a great influence on many aspects of our physiology. It may play a role in gut–brain communication, behavior and brain function. The gut-brain axis The gut-brain axis is receiving much recognition in the modern world, although it has been under speculation since the mid-nineteenth century. […]

Brain Allergies

The occurrence of psychiatric symptoms that are connected to substances in our environment or substances in the diet is popularly referred to as “brain allergies”.  Such allergies could either be immune mediated or they could be mediated by certain nutrients in the diet. The connection between mind and body Mental disorders are known to be […]