VR & Balance Room

Welcome to the VR & Balance Room https://brainhub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/vr-balance.mov Did you know that we use VR (Virtual Reality) technology in combination with our other neuro-rehabilitation therapies? We’re first in Australia to use this particular VR program that can be tailored to simulate environments that many patients find challenging (e.g. driving, going in a lift, shopping in […]

Artist in the Spotlight – Jessika Steiner

ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT – JESSIKA STEINER At Brain Hub, we believe that healing starts with a healing environment. Helping us to cultivate this is local artist Jessika Steiner. She is currently displaying two pieces in the Brain Hub Clinic as part of our local artists initiative.  Growing up surrounded by bushland and water has provided […]

Primitive Reflexes – ATNR Integration

Primitive Reflexes – ATNR Integration Have you heard of Primitive Reflexes? Do you know that the retention (lack of natural integration) past early years can be a sign of neurodevelopment delays possibly contributing to a range of behavioural and learning challenges? ATNR (Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex) is a very important primitive reflex that assists with […]

Oxygen & Light

Oxygen & LIght The power of light (in this case far infrared) and a higher concentration of oxygen from our oxygen concentrator are the best ways to recharge the brain. Whether it be after a busy day or in between neuro-rehab sessions, this has been shown to enhance the affects of neuroplasticity. Our patients get to enjoy recharging in our […]

Artist in the Spotlight – Clare Hooper

Artist in the spotlight – Clare Hooper Introducing Clare Hooper – another local artist whose paintings are currently on display in our Kids Therapy Room. Clare is a prolific artist and delights in sharing her work with local and wider communities. In 2008 and 2009, Clare won the North Sydney Disability Art Prize and has […]

Artist in the Spotlight – Gusztáv Ilosvay

Artist in the Spotlight – Gusztav Ilosvay Gusztáv Ilosvay’s sculpture ‘Life Is Like That’ is currently on display in our foyer area. Born in Hungary, Gusztav studied in design, drawing, sculpturing and most importantly the art of blacksmithing. In 1979 he opened his first metal fabricating workshop in Sydney and has had the opportunity to […]

How Can You Rewire Your Brain?

HOW CAN YOU REWIRE YOUR BRAIN? The answer? Neuroplasticity.  When we talk about Neuroplasticity, we are referring to our brains ability to adapt and change in response to our environment.  When the brain is functioning well, it has the ability to create, reorganise and strengthen new neural pathways that allow us to learn new habits […]

Artist in the Spotlight – Svetlana Stepanek

Artist in the Spotlight – Svetlana Stepanek ‘Solitary’ by Svetlana Stepanek Svetlana is another of our wonderful local artists. Her painting ‘Solitude’ is currently on display in the Brain Hub clinic, but you can also take a look at her other works by visiting her instagram page – @svetlanastepanek. Svetlana studied Fine Art at Meadowbank […]

Artist in the Spotlight – Deanne Palmer

Artist in the Spotlight – Deanne Palmer We are so excited to introduce you to Sydney based artist Deanne Palmer – one of the talented local artists who will be displaying their art throughout the Brain Hub clinic! Deanne is the founder of Limelight Studios where she teaches and continues to experiment with painting, cultural ceramics and […]

Meet Neurosage

Meet neurosage Neurosage is a scientifically designed software application that targets the visual and vestibular system to improve balance, coordination, and muscle function. It is perfectly suited for kids with learning or behavioural conditions, and adults with chronic pain, concussion, and neurodegenerative disorders. Brain Hub is proud to be one of few clinics to offer […]