[Podcast] FX Medicine – The Vestibular System: More Than Just Rocks in Your Head

Join renowned chiropractor and researcher Dr. Carlo Rinaudo as he explores the connection between the body, brain and our vestibular system and our capacity for neuroplasticity with our ambassador, Dr. Damian Kristof. Proprioception, the vestibular system and the senses inform the brain of the context of the body and Dr. Carlo shares with Damian the […]

[Podcast] A Doctors Perspective with Dr Justin Trosclair Ep.110 – Vestibular Research and Dizziness Rehab

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Dr. Carlo Rinaudo DC Phd (cand), talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on ‘A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast’ about vestibular, ocular, autonomic and dizziness issues, exam findings and rehab. We talk about managing spinal and MSK conditions with chiropractic, and how vestibular rehab affects the nervous system, plus we talk about neuroConnect.  I didn’t know this […]

CBS Neurocognitive Tasks – Monkey Ladder

CBS NeuroCognitive Task – Monkey Ladder ‘Monkey Ladder’ is one of the 12 tasks involved in the Cambridge Brain Sciences Neurocognitive Assessment – now available at Brain Hub! This task measures the Visuospatial Working Memory – the ability to temporarily hold information in memory, and manipulate or update it based on changing circumstances or demands.  […]

Cognitive Testing

Cambridge Brain Sciences is Now Available at Brain Hub At Brain Hub, we are committed to cognitive health, which is why we are introducing cognitive performance assessments from CBS Health to measure how your brain is doing over time. Our approach will now include a quick, fun series of tasks that objectively measure your memory, […]

Artist in the Spotlight – Chelsey Amber

ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT – Chelsey Prior This watercolour piece by Chelsey Amber is now being featured in our waiting nook. Chelsey is a local artist, healer and dreamer, inspired to express natural beauty in the form of water-coloured illustrations. Her work embraces the soft and gentle, yet deep and beautifully messy nature that life […]

Artist in the Spotlight – Gianetta D’alessandro

Artist in the Spotlight – Giannetta D’Alessandro This stunning resin artwork is by Giannetta D’Alessandro, a self-taught resin artist who works from her home studio here in Sydney. Her piece ‘Ocean Reef’ will be on display for the next few months as part of our local artist initiative.  “This resin painting is embellished with aluminium foil, […]

A Reminder to Plant Flowers

Remember to plant flowers This illuminated frame greets each visitor as they leave the clinic – encouraging and guiding them to focus on the positive changes that occur throughout their treatment (and life). The more we acknowledge and are grateful for the positive changes we experience (e.g. improved sleep, better balance, reduced symptoms, improved memory), the […]