Artist in the Spotlight - Deanne Palmer

We are so excited to introduce you to Sydney based artist Deanne Palmer – one of the talented local artists who will be displaying their art throughout the Brain Hub clinic!
Deanne is the founder of Limelight Studios where she teaches and continues to experiment with painting, cultural ceramics and printmaking techniques. She has been honing her skills in encaustic painting for the past several years. Although primarily an oil painter, she feels that encaustic medium offers an extension to her love of working in a layered and textural style. 

“I enjoy when a place gives me a really strong sense of connection to the world. My goal is to see beyond conspicuous beauty and invite the viewer into the deeper details of the endlessly changing elements of our planet, its surface, and our surroundings. These non-representational artworks suggest the essence of the scene bathed in light and colour. I am particularly drawn to working with Encaustic because it allows me to create visual depth through the translucency of the wax, the process of adding and subtracting layers, building colour, and the diversity of mark-making.”

To see more of Deanne’s art, visit her website at or her Instagram profile @deannepalmerart.