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At Brain Hub, we offer a patient-centred and evidence-based approach at restoring and improving your health. Our collaborative team work together in helping you address the underlying causes and provide the best solution to overcome your health concern.

We believe its important to empower our patients with knowledge and the tools needed to improve brain and body function, including mental and coaching support, physical, nutritional and neurological therapies.

Lead by clinic director Dr Carlo Rinaudo (Chiropractor, PhD), Brain Hub reaches its high success and patient satisfaction rate by assembling a team of leading practitioners from the mental health, physical therapy, nutritional and neuro-rehabilitation fields. We aim to collectively work together with each patient, ensuring the highest quality care, tailored specifically to you, in a supportive environment.


What we stand for is simple – restoring and improving your life, through better brain and body function using innovative and proven neuroplasticity therapies.

No condition is too complex, no age is too young or old. No two journeys with us are the same. There is hope and we’re here to help.


Lead by clinic director Dr Carlo Rinaudo (Chiropractor, PhD), Brain Hub reaches its high success and patient satisfaction rate by assembling a team of leading practitioners from the mental health, physical therapy, nutritional and neuro-rehabilitation fields. We aim to collectively work together with each patient, ensuring the highest quality care, tailored specifically to you, in a supportive environment.


Chiropractic Neuro-Rehabilitation
PhD BMedSci (Hons) MChiro ICSSD DACNB

Dr Carlo Rinaudo is a registered Chiropractor, researcher and educator. He is the clinic director and founder of Brain Hub, with over 21 years of clinical experience. He has completed a PhD in Vestibular (balance) Rehabilitation at University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Neuroscience Research Australia (www.NeuRA.edu.au), and is currently involved in further research in vestibular neuro-rehabilitation. Dr Rinaudo frequently presents and teaches practitioners across the world on similar topics.



Health Coach
B.Com (Acctg), CPA, FMCHC, CBHC, NLP

Over the last 20 years, Christine gained experience in a variety of senior finance positions spanning across global and Australian organisations. During this time, she developed and mentored many teams and individuals to excel in their careers. She also observed a theme of disconnect between high-performing individuals and their own health which in turn impacted other aspects of their lives. Her parallel interests in wellbeing and continuous improvement coupled with her own health issues inspired her to pursue wellness coaching. Christine’s mission is to help individuals and organisations perform optimally in dynamic environments by adopting long-lasting lifestyle changes which in turn will help other aspects flourish. Being a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with a number of years of corporate experience places her in a unique position to partner with her clients.


Practice Manager

Emma is the practice manager and is usually the first person you speak to when contactng BrainHub! She has extensive experience in health and managed practices for over a decade, making sure all your appointments are in order and that all your questions are addressed.


Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science, Master of Physiotherapy

Nicholas grew up in a large family with lots of exposure to different stages of child development, as well as some developmental delays and disabilities.

Being active his entire life and fuelled by his love for the human body and how it works, he very early on decided to pursue a career in physiotherapy due to how helpful it was for himself as an athlete. 

Paediatrics is a natural environment for him where he playfully builds connections with his patients as equals, setting the foundation for profound transformations in brain development and regaining independence.


BChiroSc, MChiro, ICSC, IBFN-CND

Yeewon focused in the first part of her career on high level sports. She worked with the olympic team, and developed a special interest in concussion injuries. 

Now, she dedicates the majority of her clinical practice to paediatrics, and specifically neuroatypical children. She got to witness some of the helplessness and overwhelm of her friends as parents with different conditions, and believes people deserve the proper help they need.

She is certified in Dr Melillo’s work, and is still positively surprised by how rapidly clinical change can be achieved with the right tools.



Doctor of Physiotherapy
DPT, BSc (Hons), PGCertPhty

Dr. Jessica Povall is a dedicated doctor of physiotherapy who first developed a passion for concussion management while working in New Zealand nine years ago. A firm believer in the value of a multidisciplinary approach, she joined Brain Hub to continue her practice which also includes persistent pain, neurological disorders, and a special focus on Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) injuries.

Dr. Povall’s treatment philosophy centres around a holistic approach, encompassing diet, sleep, functional medicine where appropriate, and management of the autonomic nervous system.

She’s excited to bring her skills to a broader patient population in this clinic, aiming to raise public awareness about the various treatment options available for neurological disorders.


BChiro Sc, MChiro

Dr. Gabi Kosmin has always been passionate about physical therapy, drawing her first inspirations from her early experiences with sports and personal injuries.

Graduating as a chiropractor in 2016, Gabi specialises in intricate neuro presentations, including complex cases of migraine and TMJ issues related to the upper cervical region. 

Recently returning from maternity leave, she is eager to bring her expertise to Brain Hub, focusing on Dynamic Movement Intervention therapy in Sydney and delving deeper into concussion recovery. 

Gabi believes in connecting with patients at a deeper level to facilitate their long-term wellness and recovery.

Chloe Coroneo


Allied Health Assistant, Occupational Therapist

Chloe Coroneo has always been drawn to the health field, with her passion solidified during a year 10 work experience that sparked her fascination with the brain. 

As an allied health assistant transitioning to an Occupational Therapist (OT), Chloe deeply values a holistic approach to care, ensuring that patients can navigate their daily lives comfortably, considering the whole person on their journey. 

At Brain Hub, Chloe is eager to focus on neurological rehabilitation, vertigo, and post-concussion treatment, embracing her unique role in enhancing patients’ recovery and well-being.


Exercise Physiologist
Bachelor of Exercise Science - BExcSci

Jacquie Sekulovski is a dedicated exercise scientist and physiologist, passionate about how movement impacts the brain and nervous system in every stage of human development. An Accredited Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist, her path started with a Bachelor of Exercise Science degree, leading to diverse roles in rehab and corporate wellness.

Passionate about proactive healthcare, Jacquie has worked with various clients, from injured workers to paramedics, and corporate wellness. Her experiences highlight the need for preventative health measures in the healthcare sector.

Undeterred by challenges, Jacquie established a business focusing on children’s health and early development. Her work is driven by her understanding of reflexes, children’s neurobiology, and healthy gut instinct coupled with the knowing that effective treatment involves honouring the unique gifts of each individual.

Jessica Meksass


Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist
BHealthSc(SpPath), MOT

Jessica Meksass is a passionate speech pathologist and occupational therapist, specialising in paediatric therapy. Her career began immediately after completing her HSC, diving into speech therapy and later expanding her expertise into occupational therapy.

Jessica’s journey included significant experiences at Giant Steps and STN Children’s Services, focusing on children with ASD, Down syndrome, and ADHD. Her approach emphasises the importance of a holistic, multidisciplinary strategy, acknowledging the need for addressing foundational issues in learning and development.

With a commitment to continuous learning and a hands-on experience as a parent, Jessica brings a unique perspective to her role at Brain Hub, aiming to uncover and address underlying challenges in child development.


As the receptionist at Brain Hub, Deniz is the friendly face that all visitors meet when they walk through the clinic doors. She is an experienced administrator who is passionate about providing support to our patients and practitioners. 


We’re looking for a Receptionist with Digital Marketing experience to join our team. Email admin@brainhub.com.au or call 1300 770 197 to apply.



We’re looking for an experienced Naturopath/Dietician with training in functional medicine, autoimmune and anti-inflammatory protocols, and diagnostic laboratories to join our team. Email admin@brainhub.com.au or call 1300 770 197.


Healing starts when you enter Brain Hub. Our clinic has been created by leading health clinic designers, aimed at providing a supportive and soothing environment. The biophilic environment nurtures the patient by using natural materials, warm colours, ambient lighting, with a close connection with green surrounding with abundant use of plants.


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